The Need for a Social Media Manifesto


Social media has revolutionized our world by giving individuals the potential to become weapons of mass influence. But with all weapons they can be used for good or evil. They can protect or they can destroy. With this great power comes a great responsibility and a desperate need for standards. That’s why I wrote the […]

Tweet Like Abraham Lincoln To Come Out Ahead This Election Season

A picture of the Lincoln Memorial

With just a quick look at your social media feeds you can feel a negative vibe on social media about the 2016 elections. The thousands of candid and some just-downright-hateful messages about who is the best candidate for the highest office in the land are pretty exhausting. A recent survey finally nailed what everyone was […]


Arianna Huffington on Sleep

sleepy baby

There is no doubt that sleep is important to productivity. I got into my room at a Marriott on my last trip and found a card on my pillow titled “Arianna Huffington’s 8 Tips for A Better Sleep.” It was a compilation of tips from her book called “The Sleep Revolution.” Thought it was worth […]